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Bodybuilding means Building Muscles. I believe that if you are training at the gym, you are a “bodybuilder" who is going to develop muscles and strength. For hypertrophy training, you need to do progressive overloading - It means you need to continually overload your muscles to grow. Lifting light weights doesn't help you to get big and strong. Before the cutting phase, trainees need to build a certain amount of muscle and put on size first. In 2015, I competed in Bodybuilding and MensPhysique competitions to challenge myself to another level of training. Through these competitions, I totally put my knowledge into action. I have tried every single training program in recent years, so I know which program is suitable for me to build my muscles and fix my weaknesses. Please don't underestimate training weak areas; this is a major part of program design. Building a weak muscle to be stronger.

Remember, you don’t need to become bodybuilders, physique models or magazine cover models. However, once you join a gym or start training, you must have a GOAL. It doesn’t matter if it is health condition, ageing problem or any other reason; you want to lose some extra FAT from your bodies. Losing fat means less Inflammation. Less inflammation means less risk of disease. Moreover, instead of building muscle, you actually are building stronger bones, tendons and ligaments in order to reduce the risk of injuries. Then, you can lift more weight and add more muscle to your bodies.

In my training system, I am following the rules of classic bodybuilding system:

- Compound exercises with heavy objects e.g. Snatch, Clean, Squat, Deadlift, Press & Pull

- Isolation exercises

I don’t know your past training experience and training age. My approach is simple – good form comes first. You cannot achieve anything without a good form. Secondly, Tempo is also important to my training system. Let’s take biceps curls to as an example. Someone can perform 10 reps biceps curl in 30 seconds, I may ask you do lift the same weight to perform 10 reps in 60 seconds.

Remember, going to the gym and building muscle is a serious business. It requires self-discipline in training, nutrition and recovery. Trainees cannot achieve muscle development without all the elements. The simple theory is that muscle grows during recovery. Without enough nutrients, you cannot build any muscle.

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