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#AskKenneth 30: Deadlift 硬拉


1. 條腰勁彎曲

2. 支bar離開身體太多

3. 利用慣性彈起支bar

4. 沒有集中主要肌肉

5. 起動姿勢不佳

6. 欠缺集中力


a. For body composition purpose, the tempo should be slow.

b. Contract your Lats and brace your abs at the starting position.

c. Press to the ground.

d. Lift the barbell to knees level without opening your body.

e. Keep the barbell close to your body.

f. Open your body from knee level (hip extension).

g. Lower down the barbell to the knee level.

h. Bend your knees back to the floor without bouncing.

i. Maintain thoracic spine

k. Feel every muscle group

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