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#AskKenneth 42: Case Study - Shoulder Impingement 肩關節夾擠症

Recently, I'm suffering right shoulder impingement on my right shoulder. I think a lot of people also had this experience. My shoulder is hurting when I'm pressing barbell over my head.

I can do front squat, but I cannot do any clean or overhead press with the empty barbell.

Do I take Day-off due to the pain?

Definitely not.

So, what do I do at the gym to train my shoulders?

I am doing BB High Pull, cable/ DB external rotation, trap 3, lateral raises, front raises, DB/ cable rear delts. instead of performing any overhead exercises for now.

At the same time, I do a lot of shoulder mobility drills like the rotation with rubber-band or stick or DB, hanging, open up my shoulders...

On Thursday, I successfully did flat bench press with mid-grip 285lb x 5 sets x 2.

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