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#AskKenneth 82: Squat Variations 深蹲的變化

Today, I am going to demonstrate two types of Squat, but I am NOT going to debate which one is better than the other one. There is no necessary. I like both. They are the tools like dumbbells, barbell, cable and machines. Everyone has different opinions. I respect that. I like both anyway. And I am not going to talk about science. I am going to share my own experience.

Both Squat styles are good and they have different benefits to all trainees.

I encourage every trainee to do different Squat styles in different period.

You don't need to be a Olympiclifter or Powerlifter. Everyone should do Squat.

Before Squatting, you should make sure your Shoulders, Thoracic spine, Adductors, Glutes, Ankles are healthy first.

According to my coaching experience, not all trainees can do Olympiclifting style squat due to the lack of ankles mobility and hamstrings tightness. I would recommend them to perform Powerlifting Squat or Front Squat instead. As a coach, I always design the program depends on individuals' abilities and body structure. I cannot throw the random programs to different trainees. And I keep in mind that, I like Olympiclifting and Gymnastic training, doesn't mean every trainee should practice those training. Depends. Sometimes, they don't even know how to contract their lats when they are performing RDL. There is not point to teach them advanced exercises.

"Squat is the king of exercises." - Strength Sensei

Type 1: Olympiclifting Squat aka High-bar squat Tips:

・Chest up with upright torso

・Bend knees initially ・All the way down to the bottom until hamstrings cover your calves

・Go below parallel ・Maintain Thoracic Spine

・Knees out and toes out (external rotation)

・Elbows pointing to the floor

・Lats tight

・Focus more on Quads

・If you cannot dominate High-bar Squat, you should not practice Olympiclifting

Type 2: Powerlifting Squat aka Low-bar squat

Focus on Posterior Chain - lower back, glutes and hamstrings

・Bar position is slightly lower than High-bar (2-3 inches)

・The barbell is at your scapulae and rear delts.

・Shorter torso than High-bar ・Wider Feet Stance

・Knees out and toes out (external rotation)

・Shift your hip to the back initially then lowering yourself to the bottom

・Think about your chest facing the floor

・You can lift more weight than Olympiclifting style

Why am I training with Low-bar Squat?

After Olympiclifting competition in Mar 2017, I am preparing for the bodybuilding competition in Aug and Sept. I've found that my weaklink is my posterior chain. I need to spend more time on lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

"Bend over when you squat!" - Mark Rippetoe

Here is my current program:

Mon: Front Squat 5 x 5, followed by Low-bar Squat 4 x 12

Wed: Deadlift

week 1: Conventional Deadlift

week 2: Sumo Deadlift

week 3: Snatch grip Deadlift

week 4: Repeat

Fri: Low-bar Squat - Hepburn program

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