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#AskKenneth 90: Calisthenics 街頭健身 Part 3

April 27, 2017

What is Calisthenics?
a. Calisthenics = High-Intensity Bodyweight Training
b. Training equipment is including high bar, parallel bar, rings, floor, a wall at the park.
c. Training style is similar to gymnastic training - pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, handstand, rings routine, planche, L-sit...
d. Calisthenics can strengthen your shoulders, back & arms, and you can develop decent abs definition. 
Most of the Calisthenics athletes have low body fat percentage, decent mobility & flexibility.
e. Calisthenics have mnay advantages over traditional exercises, for example, rings muscle-ups over biceps curl, handstand push-ups over barbell overhead press, dips over cable triceps extension...
f. Pull-up & Chin-up are "kinetic chain" exercises that are able to build your functional strength. And they're mulit-joint movements.

Part 1
1. Pull-ups with wide pronated grip
2. Pull-ups with mid pronated grip
3. Pull-ups with narrow pronated grip
4. Lean-away Pull-ups 



Part 2
5. Assisted One Arm Chin with right & left arms
6. Type Writer Pull-ups
7. Assisted Chin-ups with t-shirt or towel

Part 3
8. Archer Chin-ups
9. Assisted One Arm Chin
10. Muscle-ups



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