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#AskKenneth 243: Deadlift 硬拉

#AskKenneth 243: Deadlift 硬拉

Someone asked me that what's Sumo Deadlift.

Sumo Deadlift is one of methods to perform deadlift and it is one of the posterior chain exercises.

What are posterior chain exercises?



Good morning


Leg curl (Kneeling/ Lying/ Seated)

Back extension

Hip Thrust

If you are a beginner, you will start doing RDL or good morning first or start doing Rack Pull at the squat rack.

If you CANNOT manage RDL or good morning, you are NOT ready to do BB deadlift from the floor. It's dangerous.

And we have 4 basic deadlift styles:

a. Conventional Deadlift (clean grip)

c. Deficit Deadlift

d. Snatch grip Deadlift

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