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#AskKenneth 251: How can I get stronger - Part 1 -Squat

Different coaches have different opinions to their training methods. If you are following my training method, we should speak the same language.

My language is Squat is Squat with a proper barbell.

Of course, some beginners are told to do Dumbbell Squat, Dumbell Split Squat, Cable Split Squat, Dumbbell Globet Squat, Dumbbell Bulgarian Squat...

Today, however, I am talking to someone who is serious to improve their strength to get stronger and bigger.

Barbell not only challenges our bodies, but it challenges your mental. If you are not strong enough, you cannot lift it up and down with heavy weight. It will break your back and destroy you.

Most of you are following my FB page, you may want to either become as strong as me or as lean as me. I don't have a secret. I can tell you what I am doing every day.

Mon am: Squat & Posterior chain; pm: Olympiclifting

Tue am: Back & Shoulders; pm: BJJ

Wed am: Deadlift & Posterior chain; pm: cardio (optional)

Thurs am: Chest & Back; pm: BJJ

Fri am: Sqaut & Posterior chain; pm: cardio (optional)

Sat am: Olympiclifting & Shoulders

Sun am: Cardio

I haven't changed my routine since Jan 2017.

I keep my routine every week.

I broke my PB snatch 104kg last night.

If you would like to keep stronger with me, please do squat and deadlift with the barbell. To me, Squat with Smith Machine is NOT a Squat.

In the past when I was a junior trainer, I remember that my trainee injured his lower back when he was doing squat with Smith Machine. From that moment, my trainees are NOT allowedto do squat with it.

Here are some demonstrations of #squat & #deadlift


Back Squat

Back Squat

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