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How to use Exogenous Ketones on training days?

June 8, 2018

How to use Ketones on training days? 


Use it as Pre-workout supplement

Drink it 45mins before session. 


For example, I take it at 6am, and start training at 6:45am without breakfast. 

I also take BCAAs x 10g during training. 


For the beginners, don’t take the whole pack. Put 1/2 pack into water 750ml is fine.




During workout, take BCAAs . 


Then take 1/2 pack with 750ml water in the afternoon around 4pm if you are tired or craving for food. 




After 4 weeks, when your body adapts the Ketones. You can start to take 1 pack in the morning and 1 pack in the afternoon. 


**2 packs a day can maximize the result. 




What if I train in the afternoon or at night? 


For example, your first meal is at 7am.


I suggest to take 1/2 to 1 pack in the morning around 10am. That moment you may need a coffee to wake you up. But you take Ketones with Charged for energy. 


Then take Ketones 1/2 to 1 pack before training in the afternoon. 


If you train in the evening, you should take caffeine-free instead. 


Depends your schedule. Everyone is different. There is No rule. 


How much Ketones can I drink a day? 



If you can running marathon, you can keep taking it within the marathon race. There is no limit. 


Normally, you can perform well if you take 2 packs a day.


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