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#AskKenneth | Hotel Gym Program

September 13, 2018

Hotel Gym Program with limited equipment


When I'm travelling, I always look for the commercial gym for training, because I don't have any expectation of the hotel gym honestly. Sometimes you have these equipment (see pics), then you cannot continue your current program. But it is fine. ..


The reason is that you have to be CREATIVE during the holiday if you can't find a good gym nearby your hotel or you don't want to pay the daypass. ..


Anyway, if you have a goal within a certain of the period, and you have to travel to other cities for the holiday or business trip, you have to be FLEXIBLE





Here is my idea of the program the limited equipment: 



A1. Barbell Clean & press 4 sets x 10 reps

60s rest

A2. Pull-ups x 4 sets x as many reps as possible 


B1. 2-arms Cable Reverse flye 4 x 15

B2. DB Lateral Raises 4 x 15


C1. Seated Scott Press 4 x 10

C2. 2-arms DB Frontal Raises x 4 x 12


D1. BB Biceps Curl 4 x 10, half way pause x 2s

D2. EZ Reverse Curl 4 x 6-8, from bottom to horizontal with pause x 5s


Have fun! 








2-arms DB Lateral Raises 




2-arms Cable Reverse Flye


Scott Press



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