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Top 6 Killer Calisthenics Leg Workout *No Equipment Needed | #AskKenneth

February 8, 2019


Top 6 Killer Calisthenics Leg Workout *No Equipment Needed




I love training legs. I am feeling good after leg day. 


Pain is evitable, but pain creates the result. 


What are the benefits of the Calisthenics Leg Exercises 




Healthy joints

Strong legs

Lean body

Mobile body


Can you get stronger without weight?


Ummmm....I, personally, still believe barbell squat is the best tool to get stronger. However, you still can train your legs outside the gym with your own bodyweight.


Don't underestimate the bodyweight exercises. 

They are not easy at all. 

I am sure many untrained people cannot do single squat with slow tempo and good form. 


What is the prime muscle of leg development? 




Glutes are the engine of our body.


If you cannot keep your balance, it is due to the weak glutes. 


What are the rules of building fantastic physique?


1. Training frequency

Train more! 

If you only train legs x 1 session a week, then add 2 more sessions. 

Train x 2 times at  the gym

Train x 1 time at the outdoor


2. Diet

If you want to get a lean body, do calories deficit. Control what you put into your mouth. 


Eat adequate protein. About your bodyweight in lb. 

And control carb intake.


Leg day: more carbs.


If you want to get stronger, you should eat little more calories and adequate protein and carbs. 


3. Recovery

Sleep is the secret weapon of building a great physique. Period. 


4. Program Design


Day 1: Upper body

Day 2: Lower body 

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Upper body

Day 5: Lower body

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: abs & Lower body


1. 1 1/4 Bodyweight Squat 身體重量深蹲


Coaching  notes:


Chest up and back straight.


Full range of motion


Time under Tension. Keep the constant tension


No rush to finish the reps.


4 sets x 15-20 reps






2. Bulgarian Squat 單腳深蹲


Coaching  notes:


Bulgarian Squat is an unilateral exercise and it is a single-leg exercise.


Lower yourself until your upper leg parallel to the ground. 


Slow eccentric.


4 sets x 10 reps each





3. Skater Squat 單腳深蹲


Coaching  notes:


Skate Squat (Shrimp) is an unilateral exercise. 


Difficulty is quite high. NO easy to perform without proper practice. 


It can develop strength, stability and coordination.


Starting position: From the ground. Knee touching the ground (Full ROM).


Finish position: Stand upright.


Slow eccentric. No bouncing. 


You can lean forward your body. 


4 sets x 5 reps each






4. Pistol Squat 單腳深蹲


Coaching  notes:


Pistol Squat is an unilateral exercise and it is a single-leg exercise.


It requires a lot of strength and flexibility. 


The beginner can start on the bench to allow the non-working leg drop below the horizontal level. 


The advanced trainee can perform it on the floor. The trainee has to keep the non-working leg at the horizontal level. It requires a lot of strength. 


Slow eccentric.


Pause a second at the bottom range. 


4 sets x 5 reps each






5.  Single Leg Jumping 單腳跳躍


Coaching  notes:


Single leg Jumping is one of the plyometric exercises. 


The working leg starts from the bench, and push yourself up explosively to the air. 


4 sets x 10 reps each 







6. Jumping Lunges 箭步跳躍


Coaching  notes:


Jumping Lunges is one of the plyometric exercises. 


A trainee starts from the lunges position, then drive himself to the air and switch legs at the same time. 


4 sets x 10 reps each 


You start from left leg forward and right leg back, then switch to right leg forward and left leg back, that is ONE rep. 






May The Strength Be With You!







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