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#AskKenneth | Q&A: Deadlift 硬拉

#AskKenneth | Q&A: Deadlift 硬拉

Trainee A: I saw some trainees doing a deadlift with different tempo like 1s down then bounce it up without slow eccentric and a pause. What's the difference between both tempo training and bouncing methods?

Here are my points of views:

👉 If you are a beginner, you should learn the basics - proper techniques, perfect form, tempo, and the details of the lift. Forget about how much weight do you lift, and you should focus on how well do you execute each rep.

👉 If you are powerlifting competitor or non-athlete, you still need to train with different training methods: • Faster and slow tempo, • with chains. • Different programs: 5 x 5, 10 x 10, waves 7-5-3, 3-2-1, • Conventional, Sumo, Deficit and snatch grip.

We see many people are doing different things at the gym with different styles. Here are my suggestions:

👉 Focus on yourself; 👉 Learn how to differentiate what is good or bad form, 👉 and find the what is the reason behind the reason for doing it.

👉 If your goal is body composition, tempo training is essential.

For example, tempo 2211. 2s eccentric, 2s pause on the floor to reset your posture before you lift. 1s up, 1s pause at the top.

It means you are going to take 6s to complete one rep. If your program is 10 reps, you will take 60s time under tension to complete one set. If the other guy is doing 1s up 1s down method, he will take 20s to finish 10 reps without tempo.

👉 Again, For the hypertrophy (body composition), you have to keep the tempo to create maximum tension to your body.

👉 As a Powerlifting athlete is going to do 1RM max test or the competition, you should lift without the tempo. Your goal is to lift it up, put it down. That's it. All about ego and pride.

Think about a sprinter who runs without any resistance, and he can run much faster.

Note: For the general population, as a coach, I don't encourage my trainees to test 'one's 1RM. Reason: I don't want to put my trainees into the high-risk situation to train his ego. If he reaches RPE 8-8.5 with perfect form, I am sure the intensity is more than enough.

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