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Kenneth Lo

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Kenneth and I have had regular contact since we first met. He is not only a great learner, but is also great at implementing (both for himself and for his clients) what he has learnt. Over the years he has followed and used my methodology, along with his many years of professional experience and knowledge, to help his clients to achieve their goals (whatever they may be) and excellent results. It was no surprise to me that he was not only a senior trainer, but also the busiest trainer, at Ultimate Performance Hong Kong. His experience, devotion, and results are also why I have entrusted him with translating my articles into Chinese."

Charles R. Poliquin

(Strength Sensei)

As the owner of the world's only international Personal Training business I think I can write with some authority that Kenneth Lo is one of the hardest working and most professional Trainers any client could ever wish to work with.


In an industry where it is all too often "caveat emptor" I would feel comfortable recommending Kenneth to anyone who wants a Trainer who will be both maximally invested in your results and who is obsessed with the Art and Science of achieving optimal physical fitness. 

Nick Mitchell

Founder of Ultimate Performance

I trained with Kenneth for almost ten years in Hong Kong. He is by far the most committed, passionate and knowledgeable trainer I have ever known! He is a demanding taskmaster who does not allow his clients to go easy on themselves, but achieves extraordinary results.

William Mackay

Ex-General Manager of Hong Kong Number One Hotel

"You inspire me to become an athlete in my own life, rather than just as a spectator doing nothing but admiring others."

Credit to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

Alex Kao

Having a bodybuilding coach who not only changes your whole lifestyle but also your outlook on life itself is extremely rare.  Kenneth is one of these rare people.  He takes the time to learn about each client and his goals.  This is a starting point from which he tirelessly works on an individualized program to prove to your still doubting mind, that great improvements are possible in both health and well being. Not stopping at an exercise regimen, he also analyzes posture and diet relentlessly working to convey exactly where and how improvements can be made.  Kenneth is passionate about improving each client and is thinking about how to help them 24/7.  Having him looking over your shoulder is not necessary.  He gives so much of himself that you want to repay him by being the very best you can be.


It will take the rest of my life trying to thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  Undoubtedly that life will be longer and healthier thanks to knowing you.

Mark Hudson

Credit to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

I want to thank you for teacahing me a lot. We have both grown a lot over the past few years - not just the guns - but also as men. I owe you a lot for teaching me many important things. You always ask me why I straight away chose you to be my trainer many years ago and I never answered you before! Well it is simple - I could immediately tell that you were a champion! Both inside and outside of the gym.

Faris Ayoub

Credit to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

"Kenneth has consistently been an inspiration, a revelation to what fitness and good health should be for  veryone. Kenenth is passionate about what he does, his coaching and mental discipline has given me a chance alwasy aspire for more greatness and excellence, and be always confident. He has taught me a new wy of living, by showing me how to take control of my life. He has been working relentlessly with me on training, giving great advice, encouragements and reminders. He has been constantly focusing on the progress made on sleep quality, cleaner and perfectly designed diet, stregnth, general fitness and physical appearance. 

Didier Bensadoun

(CEO of Cantor Bank)

Credit to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

I feel that a truly great coach/mentor is extremely hard to find ... Difficult to part with ... Impossible to forget ... I feel truly blessed & lucky to have found Kenneth . He's always learning to grow in all kind of aspects with regards to his work; bodybuilding, physique, calisthenics, gymnastic bodies, weightlifting, nutrition & religion) not to mention him dedicating so much time to his family. His passionate actions inspire me to do more, dream more, learn more & become more ... ever since we began our training, Feb 25, 2010. 

Rosanna Eav

Kenneth Lo, in my personal opinion is quite simply the best trainer that the world has yet find out about.

My reasons for believing this are easy. I have known him and watched him train clients since 2005. He is up early and is incredibly focused, a trait not often shown in more than 80% of trainers Ive seen, regardless of their qualifications or experience. You have his attention 100% during your session, and he is there to build a relationship with you, and take you where you want to go. Over the years he not only was once the top performer at the same gym for 9 years straight every single month, he also made these goals while building his own qualifications while studying and spending a week overseas from Hong Kong, as well as taking time off with his family. 

As a trainer, in terms of qualifications, he not only has a vast range of qualifications, he has a vast range of experience and is the kind of trainer that can truly walk his walk, not just explain to you what happens. He was a top rower for Hong Kong, he has ran a marathon to see how it feels, he has won physique competitions, he even has done many Crossfit workouts to see what they are  experiencing as well as trained with Ido Portal, Charles Poliquin (Strength Sensei) and Nick Mitchell. 

This kind of trainer is hard to come by in my opinion, I've watched many of his long term clients reach amazing levels of fitness and strength under his guidance, as well as achieve incredible physique goals. 

For him the time is always NOW, and if you train with him, I guarantee you will see WHY!

Robert Zen Humpage

When I started training with Kenneth, I already hv 3-4 years of training experience on my own, and I didn't think I needed a coach to get in shape. Just put in your effort, dedicate yourself to it and you will get there. He proved me wrong by getting me to the next level in a very short period of time.


Aside from being my first coach, he became a great mentor in my life. I learned to do my best whenever I could; not to blame a bad day, pray to god for strength to get through it.


One thing he once told me that will remain in my mind forever is “Capability invites laboriousness” -  if  I apply it to my training AND my daily life!

Joseph Ngai

Qualified PICP coach

Kenneth is a passionate and experienced trainer. He pushes his clients hard, but the results are transformational. Don't expect it to be easy, it's a complete lifestyle change.  However, if you follow his advice the result will certainly be beyond your expectations.

Carl Thompson

Credit to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

I still remember the first day that Kenneth trained me when I arrived from London thinking I knew everythning about weight training. . It was such a wake up call and an inspiration finding out how very little I actually knew back then. I am thankful everyday that Kenneth was an"asshole" when I knew nothing, and showing praise when I learnt new things and showed progress.  Best of luck.

Rachid Bouzouba

Credit to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

I can't thank Kenneth enough for his patience, dedication and positivity throughout the years. I learned so much from him. 

Leyla Bouzouba

Credit to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

Kenneth really gives you the tools and attitude you need to make a full and sustainable lifestyle change, even if you are a busy working professional.

Yang H.
(Photo taken by Manuel Wong)

Kenneth Lo is simply the best trainer in the world.  After training with Kenneth I am stronger and leaner.  That's the true test of a trainer.  Kenneth taught me good training form, and educated me in many areas including supplements and diet.  Kenneth not only tells his clients to always strive for improvement, he always works very hard himself and therefore he sets an excellent example to follow.


"I've been working with Kenneth for over a year and it's been life changing. His passion, dedication and knowledge has been an inspiration!"

Abel Yeung

Trainer, Friend, Mentor. Kenneth is passionate, patient and knowledgeable in his field of work. As a trainer, he makes it work for you, whatever your goal is and no matter how “hopeless” you may feel with your routine. Most importantly, he strives to improve, learn, inspire and share his wealth of knowledge. There is much more to learn than just training techniques from this guy!

Elizabeth Koh

Credit to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

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Kenneth is a great personal trainer...he challenged mental barriers but was simultaneously conscious of physical limits. He helped me achieve gradual and sustainable goals. His work ethic and passion for fitness is motivating!

Mavis Li



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