Kenneth Lo

Kenneth Lo

August 28, 2020

25 Amazing Fat Loss Tips⁣

1. Find Your WHY⁣

2. Setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal⁣s

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Based.⁣

3. Lift weight 4 times a week at least with compound exercises. ⁣

e.g. squat, chin-ups, deadlift, overhead press…⁣

4. Learn how to lift...

August 27, 2020

Top 8 Tips For Natural Body-building ⁣


1️⃣ Set a Goal & Follow the program 定下目標,根據訓練計劃去訓練⁣

First of all, you must set a date and an achieved goal, then your coach will design a game plan for you. Without a goal is like you drive to somewhere without a destinat...

August 25, 2020

Hello, i am Noel! I have joined Kenneth’s Personal Training Mentorship program for almost three months. Before that, i have spent lots of time studying different subjects related to sports science and hitting the gym for many years. Although i got many certificates and...

August 25, 2020

Edison's Transformation Story 

Edison 的健美之路

It is definitely not easy to be the business owner of a gym and a coach.

Edison needs to monitor clients' training progress, diet plan, and their recovery everyday. Moreover, he needs to look after all the small and big details...

August 2, 2020

How To Get A Beach Body FAST For Men

Firstly, we need to understand that Beach Body must-have muscle and low body fat. 

You’ve already built some serious muscles before the summer. 

Secondly, do you have strict discipline for 8 weeks? 

If yes, please continue to read.

If no...

May 23, 2020

I like Squat because it builds Discipline & Strong mindset. 

What are the benefits of Squat?

a. Gain Strength 

Strength literally makes you physical and mentally stronger with any kind of program - 5 x 5, 10 x 10, wave 3-2-1. 

b. Build Muscle

Squats is a compound exerc...

May 16, 2020


我成立Mentorship 的原因其實很簡單⁣⁣

內容包括: ⁣⁣

• 分析顧客的需要⁣⁣
• 問卷設計⁣⁣
• 訓練設計⁣⁣
• 營養餐單設計⁣⁣
• 壓力管理⁣⁣
• 改善睡眠質素⁣⁣
• 如何管理自己的事業⁣⁣
• 如何作一個成功的私...

May 13, 2020

5 個經常犯的錯誤

1. 如何從地上拿起啞鈴

2. DB Goblet Squat

3. Reverse Lunges

4. DB Bent Over Reverse Flye

5. Push-ups


May 13, 2020

前深蹲 Front Squat 的10 個重點

1️⃣ 如果你的目標是進行 #奧運舉重 #weightliftng 訓練的話,你必須作全幅度的深蹲。 全幅度的深蹲是你的寬關節必須要低於水平。

2️⃣ 保持身軀垂直。

3️⃣ 每一下都一模一樣。

4️⃣ 下背在最低位不能彎曲,俗稱 butt wink。

5️⃣ 確保你的肩膊有良好的靈活性和穩定性。

6️⃣ 挺胸,Brace 你的腹肌。

7️⃣ 如果你想增強你的 #挺舉Clean & Jerk 表現的話,你必須增加前深蹲的重量。

8️⃣ 如果你想增加Time under Tension或...

May 3, 2020

When was my first time to squat?

I was training at the Hong Kong Sports Institute in 1995. 

I've started squatting since then.

Squat was not my sport.

Weightlifting was not my sport.

Rowing is my focus sport.

Squat is one of the exercises to help me to improve spor...

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