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Top 5 Things from Personal Training Mentorship Program

Hello, i am Noel! I have joined Kenneth’s Personal Training Mentorship program for almost three months. Before that, i have spent lots of time studying different subjects related to sports science and hitting the gym for many years. Although i got many certificates and knowledge, it feels like i have so many ingredients in the kitchen but do not know how to cook. In this program, Kenneth told me how!


“Form, Technique, Tempo always come first!”

I think most of you remember this reply when you send your video to Kenneth. It is true that if we are going to get lean and gain muscle, we should focus on every detail of a movement. Kenneth can always point out my weaknesses and tell me how to improve more and more, and that makes me feel confident to demonstrate my technique in front of people as a trainer!


Kenneth has told us that getting fit is not just the time in the gym room but a 24/7 marathon, and nutrition is one of the most important part in fitness.

Some people may choose to eat less and less in order to get lean, while some people just choose to avoid eating fat. We are all human and we need a variety of nutrition. Therefore, in order to get fit, we need an accurate formula to adjust our diet. Kenneth has not only taught us how to calculate and adjust our diet, but also told us to put into practice, it makes our words do not sound hollow as a trainer.


Though it sounds abstract, joining Kenneth’s program make me learn to respect exercise in the gym. Gym room is not a playground, not a place to chit chat or just walking on the running mill. Once we step into this battlefield, we need to respect all the equipment, and respect every rep that we made in a movement. As long as we respect and make good use if them, they will repay us.

We all know that workout in the gym is no longer a matter of course. As long as we have a chance to hit the gym, do not waste time.


It comes to the most important thing i have learned in Kenneth’s program - Self-discipline!

No matter for diet, rest or workout, Kenneth told us to follow the plan strictly (Though some of the number of workout plans are just for reference, we should try out best to achieve). Especially for the workout, if we do not follow the tempo, we could not get the result. If we rest too much between sets, we could not get the result. If we scale down the intensity of the workout, we could get the result. We could lie or cheat, or just show the best on video, but it is meaningless.

Once we choose to get fit, it is an unstoppable journey. If we wanna keep growing, self-discipline should always be maintained.

Career development

Finally, as i have talked from the very beginning, i have got so many certificates related to sports science. However, i just keep working on different things without a core value, so i have wasted so much time in the past. Kenneth has told me the core value in the fitness industry, and how to make use of my knowledge to improve my career in fitness.

In the world of fitness, it is full of different information, just like a supermarket, we could buy different things from it. However, we could not put everything into our basket, so we need someone to tell us how to choose the right things, also tell us what inside the basket can be put away. And Kenneth is that someone. Thanks Kenneth!

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