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25 Amazing Fat Loss Tips⁣

25 Amazing Fat Loss Tips⁣

1. Find Your WHY⁣

2. Setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal⁣s

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Based.⁣

3. Lift weight 4 times a week at least with compound exercises. ⁣

e.g. squat, chin-ups, deadlift, overhead press…⁣

4. Learn how to lift weight with perfect form and slow tempo.⁣

5. Always do supersets and trisets training to create a metabolic effect.

6. Train smart and train hard. Don’t apply “Lift Heavy and Go Home” method. You are not a meathead. ⁣

7. Get into the training zone. Stay focus. Don’t scroll IG and reply text message between sets. ⁣

8. Do aerobic training and anaerobic cardio training. Don’t repeat the same thing over and over.⁣

9. Be active. I encourage my trainees to walk 10,000 a day if you have a sedentary job. ⁣

10. Find a hobby to relax your mind.⁣

11. The vital of Fat Loss is to do a caloric deficit. ⁣

12. Apply high protein intake and low carb diet if your body fat is relatively high. ⁣

13. Cook as frequent as you can. ⁣

14. Minimize the sugar intake from your diet.⁣

15. Eat vegetables every meal.⁣

16. Drink plenty of water. ⁣

17. Do massage or FST twice a month to recover your body if you train 5 times a week. ⁣

18. Get more sunshine if you can. ⁣

19. Prepare your sleep. Read a book. ⁣

20. Sleep before 11pm. No more Netflix after 11pm.⁣

21. Take fish oils on a daily basis. ⁣

22. Take BCAAs or EAAs during training.⁣

23. Listen to your body. Your body always gives you signals - good & bad.⁣

24. Take probiotics if you cannot go to the bathroom for days. ⁣

25. Do ONE thing. If Fat Loss is your first priority, please reduce others during the period. ⁣

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