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Edison's Transformation Story

Edison's Transformation Story

Edison 的健美之路

It is definitely not easy to be the business owner of a gym and a coach.

Edison needs to monitor clients' training progress, diet plan, and their recovery everyday. Moreover, he needs to look after all the small and big details of running his gym.

I am very fortunate to be his coach and mentor. He is a young man who trains hard with tremendous passion for fitness.

One of the goals we have set this year was to participate in the natural bodybuilding competition WNBF Men’s Physique in September. Competition has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Edison has already started the cutting phase to prepare for this year's competition and we have quickly transitioned to a photoshoot session to identify his weaknesses. By understanding our shortcomings, we will have nine months to prepare for the natural bodybuilding competition in 2021.

From now on, the training objectives will focus on legs, lower back, biceps & triceps

The purpose of training is to improve Edison's weaknesses, I am confident to bring out his full potential on the bodybuilding stage.

Edison is a relatively introverted person as he does not like to talk much.

But during training, he was able to open up and tell me his struggles and challenges.

He positively accepts my advice to improve his business and training.

As Edison's master Mentor, I am open to share all of my personal experience with him.

The most important thing is to let him grow, This will maximize progress in training, as well as personal growth. This is also the purpose of my Mentorship.



雖然今年不能參加自然健美比賽 WNBF Men’s Physique ,但是並不重要,我們經歷了cutting phase 和Photoshoot,知道自己的不足之處,然後用九個月的時間去預備2021年的自然健美比賽。

由現在開始,訓練目標將會集中於 Legs, lower back, biceps & triceps


Edison 是一個比較內向的人,











這亦是我成立Mentorship 的目的。

If you're interested in Online Coaching and looking for more help with Body Composition Transformation, email me

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