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Kenneth Lo

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Online Coaching with Kenneth

What is Online Coaching?

1. Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan for Fat Loss & Strength Training is the essential elements of the progress.

Without the nutrition plan, you never can achieve your goal.

I believe that everyone training at the gym would like to "Change" something - healthier, leaner and stronger.

Please don't tell me that you just want to stay "fit."

My definition of being "fit" is healthy, lean and strong. And also, your body is ready to do everything with a high energy level and good shape.

I'm using an iPhone app called MyFitnessPal to monitor your daily calories & macros.

2. Training Program

I will start to design your own training program after viewing your questionnaire; I need to understand your lifestyle, eating habit, sleeping quality, training experience...

I will provide weekly program via TrueCoach, which will have your all exercises, demo videos, and places to record your results and write down notes or questions.

I will give your feedback within 24 hours to your gym performance.

I encourage my clients to train 4 times to 5 times a week if they want to see a significant result.

- "12-weeks Initial Training Program & Mentorship".

4-5 times including weight, cardio, other activities. Keep moving is key to transform your body and improve strength.

(I need to clarify that everyone's progression is different, someone is faster than the others. There is no promise and 100% guarantee. Moreover, 12-weeks is just a beginning, it's not the end. Life is to keep going forward. Be unstoppable.)

First of all, we need to set an achievable target, then review the progression week to every two weeks to achieve the ultimate goal.

After 12 weeks, you can renew the program for the extension of the training.

Then I will compare your "after" pics side-by-side every 4 weeks.

I will adjust your program every 4 weeks depends on your progression.

3. Daily Communication

You can send me emails and ask questions daily via TrueCoach

I will answer your questions within 24 hours through email or videos.

4. Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is an education platform. I will do LIVE video via Zoom with all of you weekly including program design, training techniques analysis, basic nutrition, stress management, mobility and stretching techniques, how can become better personal trainers...etc.

What're the benefits of Online Coaching?

a. Flexible Time - You can decide what time to train by yourself. Everyone has a different schedule.

b. Flexible Location - You can train at different gyms anywhere.

Although you are going on a business trip; you still can follow the program to do.

No excuse!

c. Cost - Much cheaper than Personal Training. Save your money and invest in Foods.

"12-weeks Initial Training Program & Mentorship" is HK$5,988

If you want to keep training with me after 12 weeks, the coaching fee is HK 1,800 per month.

NO contract!

You can stop anytime after 12 weeks.

d. Care - Your result is mine!

Once you joined the training, you are going to take "Before" pics, we are going to monitor the progression every two weeks.

If you've decided to join the Online Coaching, I will give you my bank account, then I will upload the training program and nutrition plan within a week.


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