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Kenneth Lo

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Kenneth Lo

Strength Coach

Personal Trainer
Bodybuilder/ Weightlifter/ Rower


Premium Online Coaching 網上訓練


Kenneth Lo has been in Sports, Fitness, Strength & Conditioning for close to 23 years. Started with a background of bodybuilding and competitive rowing, he has taken his experience and combined it with formal training, so he can help others to achieve results that they are thriving for. His extensive resume includes various coaching positions, such as: Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, and Body Transformation Specialist. He has established and continues to build a reputation with his results based coaching that he delivers in person, or through online format. 


Kenneth believes training is more than driving his clients to exhaustion - but rather, he thinks of it as a 24/7 lifestyle, involving gym performance, recovery/nutrition, and mental wellness. A lifestyle in which he still embraces and leads by example day to day. Kenneth extends this passion towards his clients and enjoys taking them through this journey together - offering his expertise, guidance, and encouragement along the way. He has a broad range of experience and has worked with everyone from executives, film stars, retirees, children, and bodybuilders - some clients have been on their fitness journey with Kenneth for 12 years and counting. 


Kenneth’s goal is to provide the correct and unique training program to his clients and empower them to reach their potential both inside and outside of the gym


- Hong Kong Sports Institute

- Strength Sensei (Charles Poliquin)

- PICP Level 1, 2 & 3

- Nick Mitchell, Ultimate Performance Hong Kong 


- Hong Kong National Rowing Team 1995-2002

- Hong Kong Development Rugby Team 2002-2004

- Ido Portal

- Gymnasticbodies

- Wing Chun

- Ma Strength - Chinese Weightlifting Method

Sports Achievement

2019 WNBF Men's Masters Physique, 1st place

2019 WNBF Men's Physique, 1st place & Pro-card

2019 WNBF Men's Masters Bodybuilding, 1st place

2019 WNBF Men's Bodybuilding, 1st place & Pro-card

2017, 2018, 2019 BC Masters Olympiclifting 1st place

2018 INBF Vancouver Masters Bodybuilding , 1st place

2018 INBF Vancouver Lightweight Bodybuilding, 1st place

2018 INBF Vancouver Overall Champion

2017 Vancity Men's Masters Bodybuilding 1st place

2017 Vancity Men's Bodybuilding 2nd place

2016 Fitness Star Search - Fitness Apparel Model 1st place

2016 Fitness Star Search - Swimsuit Model 1st place

Classic Mensphysique

2015 Yan Oi Tong Bodybuilding Open 2015 by Hong Kong China Bocybuilding And Fitness Association 2nd place

Bodybuilding under 80kg

2015 Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championshipscum 6th South China Invitational Championships 1st place

Mensphysique 175cm

2015 Hong Kong Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness 3rd place

Strength Sensei (Charles Poliquin)
Mens 8+
Derek Woodske
East Asian Games 2001
PICP Level 3 in 2013
Hong Kong Rowing Championships 2015
Andrew Li
Davy Lo (my brother)
My client Alex
Photoshooting 2016
Back Squat
Mike O'Hearn
Derek Woodske
Strong Team
Mensphysique 2015
Hong Kong Rugby Development Team
MECCA  of Bodybuilding Golds Gym
Ido Portal
Wing Chun Kong Chi Keung

Premium Online Coaching

with Nutrition

What is Premium Online Coaching with Nutrition?

Online Training. Before signing up for Online Training, you need to set a reasonable goal and I am going to ask you everything about your background - lifestyle, eating habits and sleeping patterns. Depending on your goal, I will create a tailor-made training program and nutritional plan for you to follow. You need to report your training record and food diary every day, then I can monitor your progression. You can ask me anything about training and nutritional problems through emails every day. Also, I will send you related articles and videos frequently in order to enrich your knowledge and make sure you perform exercises correctly. ​

Body Composition Transforamtion . Strength Training . Sports Performance


1. Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan for Fat Loss & Strength Training is essential elements of the progress. Without nutrition plan, you never can achieve your goal.

Providing daily calories, macros and food choices according to the initial assessment (I will give you a questionnaire when you registered the program.)

Food Diary monitoring.

Supplement recommendation.

2. Training Program

I will start to design your own training program after viewing your questionnaire; I need to understand your lifestyle, eating habit, sleeping quality, training experience...etc. I will send you a questionnaire when you registered the Online Coaching.

The Initial Training Program is 12-weeks. 

For the optimal result, I encourage my trainees to train 4-5 sessions a week within 12 weeks including weight trainning and cardio sessions. 

After the Initial Training Program, you can continue the training. 


3. Daily Emails

You can send me emails and ask me questions daily. I will answer your questions within 24 hours through email or videos.

What are the benefits of Online Coaching?

a. Flexible Time

A trainee can decide what time to train by yourself. Everyone has the different schedule.


b. Flexible Location

A trainee can train at different gyms at anywhere. Even you are travelling, you still can follow the program to do.

c. Cost

Much cheaper than Personal Training. Save your budget and invest in Foods. 

身型改造 ・重訓 ・運動表現

All programs are designed by Kenneth Lo

Training demonstration videos are provided to help you to understand the movement pattern. 

Exercises description is provided. 

For the further education, a trainee will be invited into Facebook group to discuss different case studies. 

12 weeks Initial Training Program HK$7,599



After the Initial Training, HK$2,499 per month (USD$319 per month)

(CAD $435 per month)


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