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Fat Loss

Everyone’s definition of Fat Loss is different. What is Fat Loss?

Fat Loss does not equal to Weight Loss. Fat Loss means dropping body fat percentage – from fat to lean; from lean to vascular. Some people may only want to have flat belly. It is a good start to have flat belly rather than beer belly. However, your goal is set way too low. Remember that we should never set low standard for ourselves. Never. Low standards mean I just want to put in little effort without self-discipline and to achieve result. Sorry. It doesn’t happen that way.

Fat Loss comes after building Strength. Nowadays, gym goers have a wrong concept of training. Their goals are focused on the wrong areas – Fat Loss & Cutting but not building Strength. Many cases show us that skinny fat people try to lose fat by cutting calorie intake and doing loads of cardio, but they are not showing any muscle and look thin without muscle. The main reason is that they don’t have a solid fundamental base.

At the beginning of the Fat Loss stage, my clients (trainees) need to learn how to lift weights properly. They need to forget about past lifting experiences and concepts of dieting. They will perform lots of compound exercises and some isolation exercises. Building strength is the priority no matter you’re an 18 years-old boy or 66 years-old trainee. I will tailor-make a program for you with instructions on proper techniques to avoid any unwanted injuries.

Combining both training and right diet program, you can easily build muscle and lose fat within 12 weeks. Remember building strength is necessary. Don’t be afraid of lifting heavy weights. Challenging yourself is the only way to get stronger and leaner.

For female clients, please don’t be afraid of getting bulky after lifting weight. Some of my female clients get leaner by lifting heavy – squat, deadlift, pressing and pulling exercises.

“I heard lifting more than 4kg dumbbells will make me BIG.”

“My muscle grows faster than anyone.”

“I cannot do legs, because I do a lot of cardio,”

“Don’t put weight on the empty bar, it’s not design for females.”

Wait a second. I have heard these kinds of conversation for over 10 years.

Really? Do you believe that? Who told you that? Have you had a professional trainer in the past? Have you followed the right diet in the past?

Remember “Training alone doesn’t work.”

If you don’t know your daily calorie intake or you're eating too little calories with too little protein, you cannot lose any fat.

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