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Everyone's definition of Dieting is different. In Hong Kong, people think dieting is equal to starving. It's completely wrong. Or They are interested to switch their diet into vegetables diet only or juice diet for 10 days. They think this kind of diet can help them to lose "Fat". Honestly, they may lose body weight of sure. If I'm having only 800kcal a day I easily lose 10lb in 10 days. However, can I still go to the gym to perform the same program with same intensity - No Way! Is it healthy? Not really my friend. I may only lose my muscles instead after 10 days. No energy to move, to work, my emotion state may goes crazy with high cortisol, then my weight will rebound immediately after 10 days when I eat normally calories again.

What's the right diet?

Depends your goal.

Fat loss?

Sports performance?



Just remember that we don't have OFF-SEASON.

OFF-SEASON is only for lazy people to eat whatever they want everyday without control.

As a rower in the past years, we only had a month Recovery after a series of big games. We trained 6 hours a day with 30km+. During the Recovery period, we still did regular activities instead of rowing.

For average people, off-season can be a year or two years or forever. For the progressional athletes, they still control their diet properly with right macros and daily calories intake.

Let me know if want to understand more information about "dieting". PM me!

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