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Goal Setting

I always hear some people say that they go to the gym very often.

What does that mean?

Going to the gym can be lifting weights or doing cardio.

There are a few questions I would like to ask the gym-goers:

1. Do they have a program? Or just a random or freestyle workout program by following YouTube?

2. Have they had personal trainer or coach before?

3. How do they know they are doing the right thing?

4. What are their goals?

Today I would like to share Goal Setting.

Honestly, without a goal is difficult to achieve anything. If you go to the gym to train or workout five times a week. What about your diet?

Do you have a proper nutrition plan to achieve your goal?

The last question is what is your timeline? 6 weeks? 12 weeks or 12 months or forever?

The benefits of Goal Setting:

Normally, serious trainees know their goals exactly - how much fat and weight they need to cut, or how much muscle they should put on within a certain period. Then they plan their training program with exact calories and macros in order to achieve their goals, and try to minimize any unnecessary mistakes.

Moreover, they also have a training partner to motivate them. Remember either one more rep or 2.5kg more is a progression. If you can push yourself a little harder in each set, you bring yourself one step closer to your goal.

As I said before, the serious trainees have their nutrition plan. They manage their diet plans every day. They split high carb day, medium carb day, low carb day and refeed day. The reason is that they know where their destination. Successful trainees have a clear picture in their head. I believe

Effort + Discipline = Progression

Planning ahead is the only way to success!

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