Kenneth Lo

Tips for Personal Trainers

October 21, 2016

# "Trust" is a fundamental of building relationship.
# Please! Don't tell something you don't know to your clients. 
# If you don't know, you say "I don't know, but I will do the research and ask someone." No ego. 
# Tell them the truth.
# Listen to your clients' problems - "Care" them like a family.
# You don't have to kiss their ass, just be professional. 
# Don't tell too much your personal stuff to them during session which is Unnecessary. 
# Spend time with your clients after PT session. Why? Again, this is a relationship. 
# Personal Training is very Personal thing. They may see us more than their parents. "Care" them. 
# Don't hate your clients. Remember, they paid you because they trust you. 
# Personal Training is not a easy job. Never have easy money. Be professional. 
# Your clients hate people "late". Be professional.
# Send then SMS, emails...whatever. I don't care how busy you're. Nobody is busier than me anyway. 

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