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The Mind

Let me share a message about Bodybuilding to you today from a book "Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder" by Arnold Schwarzenegger

"The point is, I was learning more and more about the mind, about the power it has over the body. It meant having complete communication with the muscles, always feeling what was happening to my muscles the day after a workout. The most important thing is that my mind was always in touch with my body; I felt my muscles continuously; I always took an inventory before working out. I flexed my muscles and got in touch. That not only helped me train; it was like meditating. I locked my mind into my muscle during training, as if I’d transplanted my mind into the tissue itself. By just thinking about it, I could actually send blood into a muscle. I formalized"

He is damn right. I really like Arnold. He inspires me a lot of training. Even I've already felt my muscle when I'm training, but I never hear people how to describe it so detail. I like his training style and training method. He used his brain to train. He copied someone then invent something for himself only. Everyone can copy his training program, but the key is you need put your MIND into your training and focus on every single rep and every single muscle group to squeeze and to feel it. That's called Bodybuilding.

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