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Tips for Posterior Chain

If you cannot maintain the thoracic spine when you are performing back extension,

DO NOT start performing any compound exercises like Deadlift.

I always hear people mentioned that they injured by doing Deadlift or Rack Pull in the past. I know. Since you didn't have a coach to show you or correct you before you lift heavy weight. -------------------------------------------------

Here are Five major tips

1) Engage your lats. &

2) Squeeze your glutes

3) Before lower down the barbell

try to shift your hip back,

4) Shift your bodyweight on your heels,

5) Stretch your hamstrings at the bottom of range.


Here is the progression of posterior-chain training

# 45 deg or 90 deg Back/ Hip Extension with bodyweight or with weight

# Unilateral/ Bilateral Leg Curl

# Seated Good Morning


# Glutes Ham Raises (GHR)

# Hip Thrust

# Romanian Deadlift


# Barbell Standing Good Morning

# Kettlebell Hip Thurst/ Swings


# Rack Pull from pins


# Deadlift with clean grip

# Sumo Deadlift


# Deadlift with snatch grip


# Deficit Deadlift (clean/ snatch grip)


# Power Clean/ Snatch


# Olympiclifitng - Clean/ Snatch ---------------------------------------------

*For my own coaching experience, some people are NOT allowed to perform Olympic squat and deadlift.

**You can get lean even you skip deadlift.

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