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Here is one of Shoulder Stretching exercise inspired by #Gymnasticbodies

Normally, I spend 10mins to stretch my body and activate my CNS before the first set of exercise.

I do

- Hanging

- German Hang

- Shoulders rotation with weight

- Leg Split

- Quads stretch - Weight-loaded hamstrings stretch


Stretching exercises can reduce risk of injury. A lot of people always hate certain of exercises and complaint those exercises may injure them. As a coach, i may consider their mobility and flexibility first before asking them to perform those exercises. If my client's range of motion is poor, he/she actually cannot perform certain of exercises, but I can offer my clients some exercises to replace those exercises or to focus on range of motion first instead adding weight on the bar.


Case Study 1

My client A cannot perform barbell standing overhead press because of shoulder mobility, he also has huge arch on his lower back when he is pressing the barbell upward. I will stop him and ask him to do seated BB/DB Press with support deg 70 instead. It's safer for his shoulder and lower back.

Stretching exercises:

- Hanging

- German Hang

- Shoulder rotation with wooded stick or rubber-band

- Cable External Rotation


Case Study 2

If my client cannot do squat with full range of motion. I will check his ankle mobility and hamstrings flexibility. If he is not ready for squat. Don't do squat. He is not ready for it anyway. Then he may do split squat instead. Depends.

Stretching exercises:

- Weighted hamstrings stretch

- Quads stretch

- Legs split

- Calves Stretch

Otherwise you have to pay for the bill in the future.

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