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Some people hate #overtraining.

I'm a little weird. I love overtraining.

If the training is too easy, I hate it.

If i don't feel exhausted feeling, I am upset about that training session.

I love the pain from hard training session.

In my old days,

I was a rower (I mentioned before). My teammates and I trained from 6am to 6pm From Mon to Fri, and Sat & Sun morning. 7 days a week. 200km water training a week not including land training. By the way, nowadays the boys are training harder than my old days. And also, they got more medals from international rowing championships. #HkRowing #賽艇 #支持香港運動員

Right now, I'm training 7 days a week.

Here is my current training split :

Mon - Squat & Olympiclifting practice

Tue - Shoulders & Back

Wed - Squat & Posterior chian

Thurs - Chest & Back

Fri - Squat & Shoulders

Sat - Rings & Arms

Sun - Cardio

What's overtraining?

I don't know.

I only know I have many things haven't been done.

Snatch 100kg,

Left and right lats balance, we called #Symmetry

Better hamstrings and glutes,

Upper traps... Once a day training isn't enough for me honestly. I want more. However, I know muscle is not growing at the gym. I need to take rest. I hold on.

Am I overtrained myself?

I don't think so. Why?

The reason is my training performance is still improving. And my body can recover within the training period.

The important thing is I am not DEAD yet.

I don't cry like a baby.

Remember I don't have anyone to push me to train. The motivation is from my heart. I'm using myself as an example to help junior (younger 40), senior people(older than 40) to get #healthier, #stronger & #leaner.

By the way, you are NOT allowed to eat more "shit" during winter. You can eat more foods (calories), but still have to control yourself. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to lose extra FAT after winter. "Summer body is made in winter."

Instead of Overtraining, some clients who may over-parties, over-work, over-drink, over-eat...But definitely NOT overtrained.

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