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Training Alone Doesn't Work

Client: I can't lose any fat even I am training a lot?

Kenneth: How's your diet?

Client: I'm eating healthy?

Kenneth: What is your daily calories intake?

Client: I don't count calories. It doesn't work for me.

Kenneth: Have you tried?

Client: No

Kenneth: How do you know this method doesn't work?

Try to write your food diary.

And, counting your macros too - Protein, Fat & Carbs, Sugar intake.

Try it for 3 days, then show me your food diary, we will talk again.

Of course, keep doing what you're doing.

A lot of people are having too much refined carbhydrates throughout day, but too low protein.

As we know that having too much carbs & sugar will be converted to fat. And also, too much carbs will drive insulin to the ceiling, then your body will store fat. That's why even you train very hard at the gym or exercises for 2 hrs a day and still not losing 1% body fat.

Over-eating Carbs & Sugar = High Insulin

High Insulin = Storing Fat


- Reduce carbs & sugar intake

- According to the lean muscle mass to calculate your own diary calories and protein goal

- Read the food labels, choose lower carbs & sugar

- Lift heavy and move more

- Cut the Snack

- Eat more vegetables

- Drink more water

*Counting calories doesn't work if you consume excess carbs & sugar, and having way too low protein.

The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugars per day to less than 24g for women and 36g for men.

For example

Milk 250ml = 12g

Coconut water 250ml = 10g

Juice 250ml = 23g

Total is 45g that is more than the recommendation.

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