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What's the difference of training between 30 and 60 years-old trainees?

What's the difference of training between 30 and 60 years-old trainees?

1. I will assess both trainees' body fat % and mobility, and try to understand their training age, sport background (if he had), and their injury issues (past/ now).

2. If their goals are Fat Loss, I will ask them to do German Body Comp (GPC) program x 4 times week without doing any cardio.

3. Honestly, nowadays, 30 and 60 years-old trainees are not much different (I mean physically). Normally, they are weak anyway or they have a common issue - shoulder injury or lower back injury.

They may tell you they cannot perform deadlift, since they have lower back issue or they injured themselves by doing those exercises without proper technique or coaching.

Or they told you that they cannot perform squat because their knees will hurt when they go all the way down...etc

I agree that some people are NOT allowed to perform back squat because of the modern day lifestyle, they cannot do bodyweight squat, because they lost their basic human mobility.

If the trainees' mind is not ready, I can't force them to do squat or deadlift anyway. That's fine. I understand that. Therefore, the first 4-weeks program, they will do a lot of back extension, leg curl, hip thrust...instead. After 4-8 weeks, when their mental and physical are ready, I will ask them to perform Rack Pull. Make sure they can maintain thoracic spine and hit the right muscles without any complaint, then I will introduce Deadlift and other complex exercises.

By the way, squat is not necessary in the fat loss program. I can share the answer next time.


Any difference of training between 30 and 60 years-old trainees?

My answer is DEPENDS.

I don't have exact answer.

Depends on

- individual's training age,

- injury history,

- sport background,

- body fat%

- mobility

- strength...

to design the personal training program.

Mark was lifting 130kg (66 years-old). *Never say too old to lift!

"One size doesn't fit all."

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