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Training vs Workout

Training is not fun.

You don't laugh.

You barely can talk.

You may walk slowly.

Training is tough.

You are tired almost every session.

Your muscles are suffering.

You may not feel good before training. It's quite normal.

You have a clear objective.

You have timeline.

You have plan.

You follow your diet.

You don't change plan every two weeks.

You may yell at your trainer. Hate him a lot during session.

You can leave gym once you finished the entire program.

You have a certain rest period. ...

Workout is fun.

Workout is entertaining.

You can keep talking to your friends.

You may sweat a lot by jumping around.

You don't have a plan.

You don't have any goal.

You wish something will be happened after a while.

You may want to spend little effort and expect great result.

You just want to meet your friends.

You may want to eat a big meal after two classes in a row.

You may do some arms, chest and back today. Total 9 sets. Really?

You go to the gym once a week. And said you just want to be fit, don't want to be too lean.

You can take rest as long as possible. After the first set, check your emails then go back to do 2nd set after 10mins. ...

Dream | Goal Setting | Progression | Consistency | Effort | Achievement | Self-improvement


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