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Kenneth Lo

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Testimonial by Mark Parker

I can say that Mark is one of the most difficult clients in my 12 years of personal training career. Three years ago, Mark (after his hip surgery) asked me to train him at #UPHK. I did't have any idea how to train him. He not only broke his hip joints, he also had shoulders mobility issue. However, I told him I would like to do my best. Let's do experiment together. Within three years of training, we found some ways for training method to help him to get lean and stronger. Now, he is back to training with Hong Kong Yachting team to compete in the international events. Here is Mark's testimonial :-

Kenneth loves a challenge and certainly my circumstances make developing an effective training regimen for me more than quite a bit of work. Six broken ankles; two back surgeries; an arthritic left AC joint; and, one artificial hip left me short on movement but long on ambition. I came to Kenneth shortly after my left hip replacement with the goal of regaining sufficient strength and movement that I could help defend our team’s Hong Kong Match Racing title and, if successful, race a few weeks later in the Invitational against the world’s best. Kenneth had only 150 days to take me from a person with the strength of a gnat and the flexibility of a rusted steel I-beam into someone with sufficient grunt, balance and agility to thrive in high winds while being bounced about by waves, tacks and crash gybes.

Don't go to Kenneth if you are not prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. However, if you have the motivation and perseverance to establish an objective and drive through the pain necessary to make your dream a reality then Kenneth is your man. My past injuries created huge challenges in terms of devising an effective training routine. It is no exaggeration that I would come to the gym at least 30 and usually 45 minutes ahead of my training sessions to stretch and warm up to the point where Kenneth could work with me. Yet I know that for every hour Kenneth spent training with me he spent at least an hour devising new variations on exercises and combinations that would safely push my limits in terms of both strength and mobility.

Kenneth enabled me to rejoin my team mates and defend our National Title and a few a years later, just before he left Hong Kong, we finally managed to score a podium finish against the world’s best. The world is full of coaches with passion but Kenneth brings a level of innovation, integrity and dedication that truly places him in the pantheon of personal trainers.

Here is Mark's testimonial video

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