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Top Five Things To Find A Right Gym

In Jan 2017, everyone is looking for a right gym,

but how to choose the right one for you?

Here are top FIVE things I would like to look for:

They are my concern, maybe you have different opinions.

1. Location

If the gym is too far for you from your office or home, you may have more excuses not going the gym even the gym membership fee is very cheap.

2. Equipment

I would like to check few major equipments

2.1 Squat Rack, more than one is ideal

2.2 Barbells

e.g. Eleiko, Rogue barbells are suggested

2.3 Dumbbells, up to 50kg min. are suggested

2.4 Back muscle machines - about 4-5 different machines for back muscles are suggested

e.g. chin-up bar,

seated row,

cable LPD,

plates loaded LPD,

plated loaded seated row,

plates loaded T-bar row,

gymnastic rings (you can bring them to the gym).

2.5 Posterior Chain machines

e.g. GHR, 45 deg/ 90 deg back ext,

lying leg curl,

single leg curl,

reverse hyper,

calves machine(s).

3. Space

Weightlifting platform or even a space for Deadlift

4. Changing Rooms


5. Juice Bar

You can make your own pre-workout/ intra-workout/ post-workout shakes at there.

Blender is MUST!

For Online Training, please find a gym with the above equipment. Without certain amount of equipment, you cannot get the best results from training. Personally, I don't believe you can train at home, and you think you can have cover-model physique or even go to the stage. I am talking to HK people. In the other countries, you may train at your garage, it's different story.

Ladies are at the same situation. Please don't except your can train with two pairs of dumbbells and green rubberband at home, then you can train properly and get results. It doesn't work this way.

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