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#AskKenneth 31: Romanian Deadlift 羅馬式硬拉

#AskKenneth 31: Romanian Deadlift (RDL) 羅馬式硬拉


1. RDL is one of the posterior chain exercises

2. Maintain thoracic spine when you bend over your body

3. Do not bend your knees too much

4. Feel the "stretch" on your hamstrings, NOT your quads.

5. You can shift body weight on your heels.

6. Weight doesn't touch the ground.

7. Use straps instead of mixed grip

8. Variations - clean grip or snatch grip

9. Slow tempo e.g. 3110

10. Engage your Lats

11. Keep the barbell close to your body

12. Stay focus on your target muscles

13. You may feel your lower back, it's normal like doing back extension. Lower back is part of posterior chain. If you want to strengthen it, train it with loading.

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