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#AskKenneth 36 Korean Dip

#AskKenneth 36: Dips Variations - Korean Dips

There are so many different ways to train our "Triceps." We can use dumbbells, barbell, EZ bar, cable...etc.

Dips exercise is one of the triceps exercises.

Here are Dips variations:

1. Korean Dips

2. Parallel Bars Dips, you can add weight too - dumbbell or weight plates with the belt.

3. Bench Dips, you also can add weight on your legs too (legs are elevated). 4. Russian Dips

5. Rings Dips

6. Bar Dips (pronated grip)

7. Planche Dips

Personally, I don't suggest doing Dips with resistance band and weight-assisted Dips machine.

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