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#AskKenneth 33 Rings Muscle-ups Progression 2: Inverted Row with Transition

Gymnastic Rings Muscle-ups is the essential skill of gymnastic training. If you cannot perform a muscle-up, you can perform any rings routine.

In fact, the general population may not do a single strict muscle-up. I cannot do a perfect muscle-up too. However, we still can add Rings into our Hypertrophy program on Back and Arms sessions.

Gymnastic rings can be one the training tools like the barbell, dumbbells and kettlebells. If the tool can make you stronger -use it. But we need to know how to use the tool smartly.

Here, I demonstrate "Rings Inverted Row" with False Grip.

- False is a killer. It hurts.

- The false grip can develop your forearms strength aka grip strength.

- Inverted Row can build your back muscles with your bodyweight.

- I suggest doing 5 sets x 5 reps with slow & controlled tempo to hit every single muscle groups.

- The transition phase of muscle-up is the most difficult part of the entire movement. We can practice that phase through this exercise.

After 5 x 5 Rings Inverted Row with False Grip, your arms will be super pumped. Now, let's do the biceps curl with good lighting, you can see incredible pump in front of the mirror.

If your goal is to perform a muscle-up, you need to practice many many strict rings chin-ups with the false grip and rings dips first. There is NO fast track.

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