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#AskKenneth 43: Pre-fatigue Supersets

Yesterday post, I mentioned I've got the shoulder impingement. However, it doesn't let me have a rest to wait until it recovers completely. Have you heard about what's called frozen shoulders?

Although I injured my shoulders, I have to keep them moving. Otherwise, I will suffer even worse consequence in the future. We are always taught that we need to learn how to train around our injury.

My right shoulder is actually hurting when I am doing inclined DB press, deg 30. Today, I did an experiment. I started to do In DB Flye first followed by In DB Press. Thanks God! I felt my chest more without feeling my shoulder. I can say that I didn't feel any pain at all.

Nice try!

Examples of Pre-fatigue Supersets (Isolation + Compound)

A1. In DB Flye

A2. In DB Press

B1. Cable Chest Flye

B2. Flat Bench Press

"Primarily a tool to improve your capacity to integrate a muscle in a big lift. But, like every superset method, it has a good impact on hypertrophy via an increase in time under tension and an increased production of lactic acid."

- Maximum Muscle Bible by Christian Thibaudeau & Paul Carter #thibarmy

(Photo at #upfitnesshk 2015)

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