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#AskKenneth 54: Ten Basic Fat Loss Tips

For Fat Loss tips for my clients

1. NO Tofu or soy

2. No Milk, or skim milk

3. No 烤雞、鴨、鵝 roasted chicken, duck or goose

4. No Caesar salad, cook your vegetables

5. If I go to the restaurant to have carbs, I usually stick to white rice only. No extra oils right?

6. NO Beer or any alcohol

7. I suggest full fat yogurt if you have "low-carbs" diet

8. Coffee only before or during training

9. Sleep around or before 11pm

Trust me. My training performance is much better if I sleep at 10pm rather than 11pm

Two major functions of sleep

- detoxification

- regeneration

Listen to me if you seriously want to lower down your belly (cortisol = stress)

10. Don't train after 6pm.

We are trying to keep cortisol low in the evening

Then you can sleep well.

Bonus point

11. DO NOT think about "Refeed" if you are fat!

12. Sun is not a day off if you are NOT reaching your goal.

Do "active recovery" on non-training day.

e.g. hiking, walking 10,000 steps, badminton, tennis, golf, rock climbing, football......

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