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#AskKenneth 58: 7 Tips of Tempo Training 7個節奏訓練的例子

I've learned tempo training from Charles R Poliquin (aka Strength Sensei), and I spent four years of practice at Ultimate Performance Hong Kong with my program and my clients. I would like to share my own experience at here. Remember, different coaches have different approaches. Nothing is right or wrong.

"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." - Bruce Lee

If Fat Loss is your goal, it means you should focus on "Tempo Training" to create muscle damage rather than just finish the reps and the sets without Time Under Tension (TUT).

Here are some examples:

1. Bench Press

• 10 reps x 80kg, tempo 4010

TUT is 50s

• 10 reps x 90kg, tempo 2010

TUT is 30s

I prefer you do 80kg x 50s TUT to stimulate your pec muscle more.

Here are my favorite Chest exercises:

a. 1/4 DB Press

b. BB bench press pause at the mid-point

These two exercises also can extend the TUT to create more damage to the muscles.

2. Squat

• 10 reps x 80kg, tempo 4010

TUT is 50s

• 10 reps x 100kg, tempo 2010

TUT is 30s

I prefer you lift lighter weight 80kg with longer TUT. And also, you can have better technique during eccentric phase.

I personally like squat 5 sets x 5 reps with tempo 3110

TUT is 25s with heavy weight.

But this is strength training that also can make you stronger and improves the range of motion.

3. Lying Leg Curl

• 10 reps x 40kg, tempo 3012

TUT is 60s

• 10 reps x 60kg, tempo 3010

TUT is 40s

I prefer 60s TUT, you can contract your hamstrings longer. Mind-muscle connection is the key.

4. BB Biceps Curl

• 10 reps x 20kg, tempo 3111

TUT is 60s

• 10 reps x 30kg, No tempo and swing up & down

TUT is 10s maybe zero

I prefer you slow down and focusing on contracting your biceps up and down.

No matter what, Do not swing the bar or dumbbells. Do not think about lifting DB or BB, think about "Flexing" your biceps against resistance.

Zottman Curl is one of my favorite biceps curls exercises. Constant tension of training biceps is the key. If you cannot feel your biceps before lifting up the DB or BB, don't lift. Remember you can contract your biceps even without weight/ resistance.

5. DB Lateral Raises

• 15 reps x 5kg, tempo 2011

TUT is 60s

• 15 reps x 8kg, tempo 1010

TUT is 30s

Please focus on eccentric phase and concentrate on your delts. Don't fxxkin swing the DBs up & down! Pointless!

Since delts are slow-twitch muscles, after 15 reps x 5kg of lateral raises, you may need to do 15 reps x 4kg to kill your delts afterward.

It means 30 reps is one set.

Remember you don't want to lose the feeling of your delts during the set.

6. Lat Pull Down

• 12 reps x 60kg, tempo 3011

TUT is 60s

• 12 reps x 70kg, tempo 2010

TUT is 36s

As I said I suggest you must stick to the tempo and also feel the Lats contraction at the bottom of the range and keep the muscle contraction during eccentric. I don't care how many reps do you lift; I do care how many reps can you feel your muscle in 12 reps.

7. Chin-ups with any grip

• 6 reps x bodyweight, tempo 3111

TUT is 36s

• 8 reps x bodyweight, tempo 2010

TUT is 24s

I still prefer you do longer TUT, even you do 2 reps less, and keep your Lats contraction during the 3s eccentric phase.

Keys of Hypertrophy (Body Building) Training:

1. Zero momentum.

2. Not lifting the weight from A to B.

3. Proper technique goes first.

4. Put maximum stress on your muscles.

5. Makes light weight feeling heavy.

6. Emphasis on eccentric phase (lower down the weight).

7. Keep your training without 60mins, not including stretching before training.

8. Shortens the rest period.

9. The meaning of "Train harder" can be keeping longer TUT. Tension under loading is the key.

10. You control the weight, not the weight control you.

11. Training is not the same as the workout. You should train your trading techniques and form. I don't care you skip the C1 to D2. If you cannot master A1 to B2.

12. Of course, you should feel "lactic acid." Why? Growth hormone is your friend for Fat Loss or building muscles.

13. Again and again, hit your protein goal and eat vegetables every single meal every day.

14. Sleep before 11 pm. I know I totally understand that HK people cannot sleep before 1 am. That's why you're fat and stress. The first thing of fat loss is to do stress management. Now, I sleep at 10:30 pm. I lift heavier on next morning.

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