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#AskKenneth 59: Damn! I look smaller when I'm cutting!

A lot of people want to be "ripped" with super low body fat% or want to have beach body during summer.

When they start training and dieting (calories deficit), they look smaller.

The fact is that bodybuilders or magazines cover models cut at least 8-10kg from off-season to in-season. They spend 12-20 weeks to be "ripped."

Depends on what is your starting condition.

Therefore, if you want to be lean or ripped, you need to prepare that you will be "smaller" than your expectation.

My suggestion is that you may need to start from strength training & hypertrophy with higher calories at the beginning of training for 6-8+ months before cutting phase. Some of my friends take 2 years to add on muscle mass before their next show.

For example, currently, I'm 86kg. If I want to stand on the stage again, I will sign up 75kg class. Otherwise, I look "fat" when I'm standing next to the other competitors.

One more tip - if you want to prepare for the pool party in the coming months, you need to have at least eight weeks to prepare. Not eight days. Sorry, my friends. Quoted by #ChristianThibaudeau.

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