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#AskKenneth 63: Five of My Favourite Biceps Exercises

Here is my history, I injured my left biceps in 2015 when I was preparing father body building competition. I remember that I couldn't pick up 4kg DB from the rack. I just couldn't do any biceps exercises with any grip for few months. It was terrible. Fortunately, I've already developed decent biceps at that moment. I maintain my biceps size by doing pulling exercises. At the moment, I couldn't do bodyweight chin-ups and pull-ups, but I could do lat pull down and seated row.

From that moment, I recognized that "mind-connection" is vital to me. I stopped lifting explosively, and I started to lift 4kg DB and 10kg short BB with the very slow tempo like 3s up 4s down to pump up my biceps again. I wanted to create maximum tension on my biceps from the beginning of the range of motion to the end of the range of motion.

Now, my biceps are fully recovered. During the training, my mind is to make sure my biceps are under maximal tension the whole time. And also, I make sure I am not lifting the weight up with any acceleration. I remind myself that I control the weight without any body swing.

Here are my 5 of favourite Biceps exercises:

1) Barbell Biceps Curl with mid-range pause

2) 1 1/4 Inclined Dumbbell Hammer Curl

3) Ez bar Spider Curl

4) 1-arm Scott Curl

5) Zottman Curl

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