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Training log on 21.3.2017 at Gold's Gym, Harajuku

Shoulders & Back

A1. Seated Reverse Flye Machine 4 x 15-20 A2. Lat Pull Down PG 4 x 12

B1. Seated Lateral Raises Machine 4 x 15 Last set drop sets B2. Seated row 4 x 10 Last set drop sets

C1. Seated Arnold Press with supported 4 x 12 C2. 1-Arm Plate loaded row 4 x 12

D1. Standing Alternating DB Frontal a Raises 4 x 12 D2. Cable Pressdown with straight arms 4 x 10 Last set drop set

E1. Seated 90 deg Lateral Raises Machine 4 x 12-15 E2. Chest Supported DB Reverse Flye 4 x 15

Total 40 sets in an hour

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