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#AskKenneth 70: 8 sets x 3 reps

Not many people understand the importance of strength training, and not many people know how to implement strength training with Progressive Loading. Since fitness magazines do not discuss how to get strong, they only talk about fat loss and how to get lean in 14 days.

Intensification period is important to everyone if you are serious to build muscle. Remember, you cannot build serious muscles without high intensity training. Without strength, you cannot lift heavy weight. If you cannot move heavy weight with high reps with long Time under Tension, you cannot increase msucle mass during Accumulation period.

In my own training, I always start from strength training before hypertrophy training. When I was preparing for Olympiclifting competition, I chased for my 1RM. I always tested my personal best. For general population, you don't need to look for 1RM. It's not necessary. 3RM and 5RM are benefit to your training, and you don't have to destroy your nervous system. Your goal is using strength training to recruit more muscle fibres and stimulate your growth in the future. I leaned this theory from coach Christian Thibaudeau.

Last time, I talked about Hepburn Progressive Loading system. Today, I would like to share 8 sets x 3 reps.

Example 1 - Back Squat

Target weight is 170kg = my double bodyweight

Warm-up set 1: 20kg x 5 - Always Always start from empty barbell

Warm-up set 2: 60kg x 3 with short rest period when you're warming up

Warm-up set 3: 100kg x 3

Warm-up set 4: 120kg x 3

Warm-up set: 5: 130kg x 3

Set 1: 140kg x 3, you can take 2 mins between sets

Set 2: 145kg x 3

Set 3: 150kg x 3

Set 4: 160kg x 3

Set 5: 165kg x 3, rest period can be 2mins or more

Set 6: 167.5kg x 3 (you may struggle at this set, you may think you cannot keep going. It happens. And you may need 4 mins rest between sets.)

Set 7: 170kg x 3 (You just can make it. You may need to take 4 mins rest before set 8.)

Set 8: 172.5kg x 3 on a good day!

When you are squatting, you can see that you need to do many sets before work sets.

"High Intensity with High Volume"

Example 2 - Bench Press

Target weight is 100kg

Warm-up set 1: 20kg x 5 - Always Always start from empty barbell

Warm-up set 2: 60kg x 3

Warm-up set 3: 75kg x 3

Set 1: 82.5kg

Set 2: 85kg

Set 3: 90kg

Set 4: 92.5kg

Set 5: 95kg

Set 6: 97.5kg

Set 7: 100kg (If you feel good, let's do set 8)

Set 8: 102.5kg

When you are pressing, you don't need too many warm-up sets.

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