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#AskKenneth 72: Weigh Your Food

Weigh your food.



Chicken Breast x 140g

We are having a little bit of obsession.

Every day we need to hit our macros and hit our protein goal.

Chicken breast 140g

Protein: 40g

Fat: 3g

After having our food, we will put the numbers into the food diary.

Do we eat chicken breast every day?

Not necessary.

However, when a trainee went through 7 weeks of calories deficit, and he has 5 weeks to go, he cannot mess around. Imagine you are competing for the car racing, you went through 7 laps, and you made some mistakes. It's fine. You learned your lessons. However, now you've got 5 laps left, you cannot make mistakes anymore. You don't have to be number one at the beginning, your speed was steady, but you need to accelerate at the end of the race.

Do whatever it takes.

As a coach, I am focusing on some areas:

- Food choices

- Digestion

- Sleep quality

- Stress management

No magic! No trick! Only discipline and effort.

By the way, never trust someone said that you can eat whatever you want unless you go to the gym everyday. I'm telling you that it doesn't work!

"The Road To The Top is Always Uphill."

當你進行「12星期身型改造」,還有五個星期,正如比賽進入最後衝刺階段,不能再犯錯。因為時間不等人。不能再容讓自己再去Hei 。








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