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#AskKenneth 76: Should I train when my muscles are sore?

Here is my experience. I did front squat on Mon, parkour on Tue, deadlift & posterior chain on Wed. My hamstrings are really sore. I may spend 10s to pick up $100 from the floor. I find a hard time when I go to the bathroom.

Should I do back squat on Fri? Why not? Let's do it.

I not only did the heavy back squat on Friday, but I did Tricking after squat. Then I actually suffer the consequence, but I enjoyed the moment of training.

Here is the thing if you never suffer the soreness (someone called its pain), you never experienced a serious training. Soreness and pain are different. Serious trainees always train with muscle soreness. It's quite normal. However, we never try to chase the soreness from training. It happens if we tried something different movements and exercises like I did sumo deadlift on Wed, now I am enjoying the new "soreness." If you can see me right, I'm walking funny. My legs are completely dead. It's ok. I'm not dead. Should I take a rest on Sat morning? NO way.

I just finished my Olympiclifting session on Sat morning. A. High Pull + Snatch 85kg x 3 sets (83% of 1RM) B. Hang Clean + Push Jerk 75kg x 3 sets

Today is my first day to practice Push Jerk. It's hard to do all the way down, anyway I give it a try and change my routine.

Shock the muscle!

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