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#AskKenneth 84: Deadlift Variations

Here are FOUR different variations of deadlift with 5 sets x 5 reps program. I plan to do different styles of deadlift with 5 x 5 every Wed. Here is my training log:

Week 1 - Clean-grip Deadlift

5th set: 420lb x 5 reps

Week 2 - Sumo Deadlift

5th set: 440lb x 5 reps

Week 3 - Snatch Deadlift

5th set: 365lb x 5 reps

Week 4 - Clean-grip Deadlift Deficit

5th set: 430lb x 5 reps

Week 5 - Will go back to Clean-grip Deadlift. And I will do one more set "work set", total 6 sets.

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