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#AskKenneth 86: Can Strength Training Reverse Aging?

If you read some articles from the website talking about anti-aging, I'm going to tell you that strength training definitely can reverse aging.

Case 1: Jufe, who is a daddy with two kids, has the busy working schedule. Honestly, I never saw him with that physique before. He has less body fat than ever. He doesn't get tired during badminton game with friends. The important thing is that he is active right now.

Case 2: I'm sure Fergus is one of the fitness firemen in Hong Kong. He not only ran HK 100km but also he does heavy squat and deadlift under my supervision. Apparently, Fergus is fitter than he was rowing for the university.

Case 3: Someone at the gym guesses me I am "28" yeas old. I was practicing weightlifting next to him. Maybe he might think how come this "senior" can lift more weight than him?

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