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#AskKenneth 88: Calisthenics 街頭健身 Part 1

Some of you have already got into the shape and went to the bench on weekends. If you are not ready yet, it never too late to get lean. Getting lean is easier than you think. Only THREE key elements you need to focus - Training, Diet & Recovery. Today I would like to introduce the basic Calisthenics (Street workout) exercises for you. You can practice in the park and show off at the beach during summer.

1. Pull-ups with wide grip 2. Pull-ups with mid-grip 3. Pull-ups with narrow grip 4. Lean away Pull-ups

Pull-up is one of my favourite back exercises, but I've found 4 common problems from some trainees. ➡️Problem 1: I've seen same thing at the gym everyday - A lot of trainees don't focus on eccentric phase. Eccentric is very important to develop your back muscles.

➡️Problem 2: The trainees do not start from the dead-hang position. Sorry. No rep!

➡️Problem 3: They bend their arms initially without depressing their shoulders.

➡️Problem 4: They kip. Sorry. Some trainees even do not know how to kip properly with official CF technique.

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