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A Daddy's Story About His Transformation in 16 weeks

"When there is a will, there is a way."

My Background

I make up my mind to transform my body which was used to be fit and lean. Sitting for eight to nine hours a day and eating out are reasons for my fatness. It won’t surprise you that I gained 10 pounds in just 6 months.

I am not the guy who doesn’t do sports at all. Actually, I ran and did workout two to three times a week in the past, but I didn't have any systematic program. I did not have any significant result. I decided to seek the professional advice from Kenneth and started the Online Coaching with him.

Why Online Training/Coaching?

If we want to have more information about the workout, just google it or find clips on Youtube. Thousands of resources can be found easily. However, the question is what suits you the most? How do we make our judgments? What are the rationales behind the decision? It was the reason why I did Online Coaching with Kenneth. It’s flexible, personalized and progressive.

It’s flexible.

My daily schedule is packed with busy work and family life. Flexibility is crucial on my training as I need to have a personalized training programme and schedule. I am looking for a personal trainer not limited to the membership of fitness club or do not stick to his/her schedule. There’s no time to lose, right?

It’s personalized.

Kenneth drafts the training programme based on my time schedule, body readiness and performance of various workouts. It is so important that the programme bases on me. It makes the training authentic and makes changes in possible ways.

It’s progressive.

Progression is the core value of the programme. The training programme designed by Kenneth comes with different phrases to prepare. Deadlift is a new workout for me. I experienced different variations from Barbell Romanian Deadlift (RDL) to Rack Pulls and Deadlift finally.

Feelings about 16 Training Weeks of Online Training

If you train amazingly, eat amazingly and sleep amazingly, you will have an amazing result. Training, Diet and Sleeping are the cores of the training. However, which one is the most important?


It comes with a surprise which is diet. Diet is always in the top rank. Kenneth gives advice on nutrition. It means how many calories should I intake. What are the proportions of protein, fat and carbohydrate? Kenneth reshapes my understanding about diet and I start to prepare food myself.

You may check out #AskKenneth for details, like the use of food diary and the use of electronic scale to measure food.

Training is……

Training should be tough and full of hard work. ‘Comfortable hard’ best describes the physical state which I try to achieve. It must be hard, but the scope is within my capacity. The training should not pursuit of soreness, but muscle growth. The ultimate goal of the training should not make me tired, but to build muscle and lose fat.


I hope my sharing could motivate you if you are lost and frustrated about weight management. Thanks for Kenneth’s advice and contribution in these 16 training weeks!

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