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#AskKenneth 120: Training Tips For My Team Members.

Training Tips For My Team Members.

I don't treat my clients as clients.

If people are training with me and under my supervision, they are members of #TeamKenneth.

We are a team.

We support each other.

We learn from each other.

I would like to share some training tips, then they can learn from the someone's mistakes.

1. Back Squat

As I said before, Back Squat is not for everyone. Depends on the individual.

I just stop a team member to do Barbell Back Squat today, because his body is not designed for it, and just something is wrong.

Personally, I think Front Squat is more suitable for him.

That's why I encourage you to send me more training videos, then I can analyze your problems.

Front Squat Technique:

Key 1: Brace your abs before you lift up the barbell off the rack.

Key 2: Do not arch your back too much.

Key 3: Bend knees first when you're doing Front Squat

2. Inclined Bench Press

Key 1: Use your legs to drive

You must use your legs to do bench press or DB press.

Key 2: Fix your lower body then press. If you cannot activate your lower body, DON'T press!

Key 3: Drop your shoulders before lowering down the weight

Key 4: Retract your scapulae at the bottom of ROM.

For example,

Your goal is to perform 4 sets x 8 reps x 60kg

If you are sturggling at 3rd set, you only can lift 6 reps,

Then rack the barbell, take 5kg off, then do the rest of the reps.

How about 4th set?

Press 55kg x 10reps, try your best to complete 10 reps.

What if I only can lift 6 reps again,

Because this is the last set, I suggest to take 10kg off

rest 20sec, Then press as many reps as possible to finish the set.


3. Delts

Reverse Flye, Lateral Raises & Frontal Raises

Key 1: Control the weight

Key 2: Makes light weight feeling heavy

Key 3: DO NOT use momentum to lift up the DBs

Key 4: Control the DBs down slowly

Key 5: Lift elbows up, rather than lift DBs up.

Key 6: Open your arms wider!

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