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#AskKenneth 121: Earn Your Carbs

Recently, I posted a lot of foods pictures on my Facebook page - "Fits Your Macros".

The food pics are contributed by my team members. #TeamKenneth

My point is to encourage people to have better foods.

Actually, you can have a lot of choices,

you don't need to eat chicken breast and broccoli 24/7,

but the foods mostly are made at home.

Someone asked me a question yesterday, how come the food pics don't have any carbs?

I don't eat any carb?

Of course, I eat carbs.

My team members (who are under my supervision)eat carbs too.


Everyone is different.

Someone is having 50g carbs a day; someone is having 350g carbs a day.

Depends on how lean are you and what is your goal?

I'm glad my team members' nutritional knowledge is better than a lot of HK people. They know the traditional food pyramid is out-dated and NOT for FatLoss.

That's why they can get RESULTS within 12-18 weeks.

They understand TWO major elements:

1. Daily calories control &

2. Daily macros control

3. Do not follow someone's diet

Earn Your Carbs

How come most HK people are "out-of-shape"?

1. They sleep pretty late (1 am or 2 am),

2. They eat carbs more than they need. They like to eat high GI food with high sugar intake,

3. They have meals at the restaurants, never cook by themselves,

4. They workout at the gym, but they don't have a proper program = They don't know what they're doing

5. Alcohol is a killer, my friend!

If you are trying to lose fat, please stop drinking alcohol until you get better shape! Sorry man!

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