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#AskKenneth 128: Losing Size During Cutting Phase

Some trainees (they are non-competitive body builders) are afraid of losing size during the cutting phase.

I think that they don't understand what's "cutting".

Reminder from school: 1lb of Fat is BIGGER than 1lb of muscle in term of the size.

For example, a trainee was 85kg, he did back squat with his double bodyweight. Yes. He is strong. But he was not lean. Now, he is 77kg, he is getting leaner. Of course, he may not squat double bodyweight again at this moment.

Why? Since his training goal is changed since he started cutting phase. I believe that no one should test his 1RM when he is cutting (he is doing calories deficit) and 1RM testing is not necessary at all.

He definitely looks smaller than 85kg with some extra fat. If he would like to look lean and show definition, his job is to maintain existing muscle mass and try to cut down his body fat as low as possible. If the picture and skinfolds can show me that he is getting leaner, he should not care about his size.

Size is the illusion.

Let me share my own experience.

I'm 80.5kg this morning.

I lost about 5kg body fat since I started cutting phase.

My umbill site (belly) comes down from 9mm to 4.8mm.

Am I smaller?


Am I losing my strength?

I can tell you that my program is not focusing on 1RM, I'm not going to so waves 3-2-1 or 5-3-1, I am going 5 x 5, waves 7-5-3 and GVT 10 x 10, and mainly focusing on hypertrophy training - a lot of sets and reps with lower intensity.


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